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Friday, April 20, 2012

Makan-makan @ TLG

TLG stands for That Little Gerai - Sesuai dgn namanya,tempatnya memang 'little' aje.Located at AU5, near to Syed Bistro.Dah lama teringin nak makan sini sebab penah kuar kat 8TV dulu dalam satu program yg ala2 JJCM tu, pastu terbaca plak review kat blog Catzcafe.Tu yg membuak2 keinginan nak makan sini, finally tercapai jugak last week.
While waiting for the foods, we were entertained by Arissa's table dance.;)
Special menu on that night.
My drink.Ice blended chocolate creme brule'
Mine.Seafood Aglio
My husband's.Lambchop with butter rice, coleslow & blackpepper sauce.OK.
Amirul's.Big Ass burger.rasa cam Big Mac Mcd aje, except for the  thick meat slice.
My Sis's.Chicken Chop.Biase aje.
Dessert for all.Creme Brule'.Yummylicious.
The price....

My comment:
The foods are average.A bit pricey to me!Out of 5, I gave 3.

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