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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review : Argan Wonder Lipstick by Simplysity

It was an impulse purchased.Tak plan pon sebenornya nak beli.Bila nampak je terus terambik n terbeli.Maybe terpengaruh lepas tgk kat ig ctdk dia dok promote lipstik ni.Nampak dia pakai cam cantik jeeee...Kak Ton pakai cantik kerrrr??

The product claimed (as taken at simplysity website)
Among the many benefits of Argan Wonder Lipstick are, reduces wrinkles around lips, lightens age spots, smoothens lips, gives extra moisture and protects against the harmful UVA & UVB rays. Argan Oil also has 2 times more Vitamin E compared to Olive Oil.

Yg aku beli color code ni:

My review:
I super love the color.Tang bagi moisture lips tu, to me not too effective sgt, coz sometimes my lips still dry and chap.It just give me rasa cam oily je lips (oily ye, bukan moist).Another thing yg den kurang gemor ialah, maybe because of the texture, ianya cepat hilang..jenuh den asek nak kena top up balik lipstick.Harga not too pricey, RM30++.

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