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Monday, April 28, 2014

The awesome 3

My eldest daughter just turn 3 on 26th Apr 2014..
Happy birthday my sayang, cinta hati busuk masam, intan payung, my second nyawa,my everything..
Mama sayang kakak sooooo muchhhhh....Mama doakan kakak menjadi anak yg solehah, anak yg pintar dan cemerlang dunia akhirat..

On what she is today,
she is smart, she loves being a big sister to her baby sister, manja, sometimes jealous of her brother & baby sister, a copycat to her brother, funny, fussy, moody sometimes, after all, thats whats makes you my one & only beautiful Arissa time flies, it seems like yesterday you were a baby, now you're such a lil' lady...well, you always a baby to me..don't grow up too fast, coz i'll be missing your small version of you, when you still need me..

All of me loves all of your perfect imperfection...
My love will never fails you, my arms will always save you..

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