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Friday, October 24, 2014

DIY:Express birthday cake

What a birthday without a nice,yummy cake,rite?
But,you are on budget, can't afford on those fancy birthday cake.or, your don't have an oven,so you can't bake a cake, or, you forgot your loved one birthday, it's too late now to order the cake...
so, here I'm sharing tips to DIY express yummy birthday cake...

All you need are,

1. 2 marble/butter cake - make sure you used to buy the cake, so you know how it taste
2. Compound chocolate - I used dark chocolate
3. Butter
4. fresh milk
5. Colorful choc rice/chocolate chip/m&m/jelly bean - or anything to your liking to decorate the top
6. Fancy birthday candles

How to.

First, cut a bit on the surface one of the cake. Make it flat.
Melt the chocolate using the double boil method.Put some butter and fresh milk.
pour the melted chocolate on the cake and
put another cake on top, then coat the cake with chocolate. lastly, decorate with your choice of sprinkle and don't forget the fancy candles.voila!the birthday cake is ready...and not to mention yummmmmyyyyy...when it is chocolate coated.
Preparing time is in 15 minutes.

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