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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy birthday my lil' princess

You're officially one year today.I can't believe you already turns one.Feels like it was yesterday I gave birth to you.How fast time flies.
To my baby princess, the smallest one, the fairest one & the one with curly hair..
Happy birthday to you..May you always be under Allah protection, my you grow healthfully,may you grow be a solehah daughter to us..
Princess, you may up grow my lap, but never my heart...Mama love you with my own life..

just right after you were born

left to right:1 month, 2month

left to right:3month , 4month

left to right:5month,6month

left to right:7month,8month

left to right:9month,10month

left to right:11 month & approaching 12 month

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