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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tumpang iklan jap...

Few things to let go...

1. Medela Swing Breastpump
Medela Swing to let go.Reason:Using manual pump



Used for 1 & half month only

Price:RM300 with postage

Included:warranty card

Not included:Soft silicon cup & Medela bottle

2. Medela Purelan Nipple cream 27 g (brand new)

2 pcs with RM 40 (including postage)

3. Autumnz Bottle storage (brand new)

8pcs with RM 28 including postage

Free 2pcs Bumble Bee bottle

4. Autumnz Cooler Bag(2 sides compartment)

Used not more than 3 times outdoor

slightly stain due to dust, the rest perfect condition

RM 40 including postage

Free 1 mesh air dry bag, 4 pcs double zip lock Autumnz milk storage

5.Autumnz Double Zip Lock milk storage - 2 boxes

RM 25 including postage

6. Nursing T-shirt-brand new


1pc:RM 26 including postage

3pcs:RM 76 including postage


7.Rempah Mandi bersalin - Jamu Mak dara

RM 22 including postage (RP:RM30)

8.Krim Barut Herbanika Nona Roguy

Digunakan sebelum berbengkung RP:RM45

RM35 including postage

P/S: Berminat, Call/SMS :013-3537357

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