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Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthdays celebration

So yesterday we had the postponed birthdays celebration for both my kiddos @ Istana Bambu.
The cast were my family, my bro's family & my sister ;)
So Istana Bambu, this was our first time dining here.Sesuai dengan namanya, this place is full of bamboo.Daripada titi yg nak ke restoran, kerusi meja semua dibuat daripada buluh.Nice ambiance.Good facilities- ada surau, and yep, surau pon made from bamboo.

My bro n wife wif baby Qistina.
anak2 buat hal sendiri, mak je sibuk pose :)
The birthday cakes 

Icha punye - red velvet
Abang punye- choc blueberry
Talking about the cakes - I bought them online.The baker lives nearby my house.It cost me 2++ for two of them with each one weighted around 2kg.Both cakes were too sweet, red velvet suppose to be a bit sour kan...but it too sweet, I tasted ada rasa sikit hangit la...pfffftttt..Cake Abang dah macam gempa bumi, terentak sikit dalam kereta dah crack... frust betol!the deco for both cakes were tip-top, the taste were too sweet & both cakes texture are too soft.terentak dah crack, time potong pon easily crack.I guess this was the first n last..

The foods
Butter prawn - sedap.
Siakap 3 rasa -sedap
Kailan salted fish - biase je..
Seafood Tom yam - biase je
Chicken siamese wif lemon juice - I ordered this because I read the review on net claimed that this was really tasty, turned out langsung tak best..

The price
I read on net, that foods here are really pricey, and helll really pricey...It cost 300++ for all the dishes...

orange juice for 7.50??Kailan for 30??pfffftttt.....

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