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Friday, March 8, 2013

Like mother like son

I always complaining to my husband about our son.He seems unfocus & hardly to remember what we have thought or what he have learnt, and a bit blur.It wasn't only our observation on him but was reported by his teacher at school.*sight*
Then a reality slap on my face.the hard one.hahaha...he just so like me.he is's obviously genetic and he inherited from me.ohh, poor my baby, I'm so sorry that you have my genetic.
I was attending 5 days training, started from yesterday.Morning I have to take coffee(I'm not a coffee person actually) just to avoid me from falling asleep during the training.Being me, I mean being 31 years 7 months me, I know myself very well.Regardless of what event it is, training ke, lecture ke,tgh bersembang ke,tgk tv ke, I can manage to  concentrate & stay focus for only the good 10 minutes saja, the rest my mind will drifting away n far far away...pffftttt
I was selected by my boss to attend this training, so pegi saja jgn banyak bunyi with most of the people yg tak dikenali from different department..and the training content wasn't my area of expertise,except for them..I was takuitttt sangat (tua2 cam nipon masih takde keyakinan diri, kesian)sebab the trainer is a bit garang, she will ask the questions a lot..takuitttt tak dapat jawab or salah jawab..tah hape2 je kan..mcm aku cakap, 10 minit pertama je boleh concentrate, pastu terus di awan biru..hahaha..Sebenornya topik yg diajarkan tidok le susah manapon, tapi kalu dah pesen blur ni, memang blur memanjang..masa trainer tu nak tanya soalan, dia cakap i will start from the front with the girl sit at the right (aku ler tu)..dia cakap ni pon aku blur je, eh aku ke, soklan pon sonang je, tapi aku boleh plak salah jawab..pfffttt..semalam punya pelajaran pon camne aku boleh lupe padahal belumpon sampai 24 jam *sigh*..another 3 days to go, takuittttt, petang ni ada test, double takuitttt..then tetiba je, tengah2 training tu I realized, son is soooo like meeeee, it is not his fault for having my genetic...
Kesimpulannya, anak aku tu inherited genetic aku tu pasallah macam tu, mak borek anak rintik, ceh kemain la kecoh, takut disleksia la autism la, padahal menurun sendiri punye perangai..kahkahkah*lempanglajulaju*

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