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Monday, March 4, 2013

Make up review:Mascara,Eyeliner & Lipstick

2 in 1 Simplysity Perfect line & lash
I love the design..memang kena ngan jenama simplysity, memang untuk simplify..instead of carrying two things in our makeup bag, nah, now 2 in 1..For the design i give 2 thumbs up..
Eye liner, I like the brush, but the color so-so je lah..Kalau dah sapu sekali eyeliner tu, nak sapu sekali lagi on the same spot u better celop balik, coz kalau sapu berulang kali, dia mcm menaggalkan warna.It is so easy to dry..Mascara pulak, I think it's quite big n macam susah pulak nak pakai..effect on my lashes..emmm, almost x kelihatan..Harga, reasonable lah..RM30++.Overall my rate for this one 2.5/5..

Maxfactor Elixir lipstick
I love it!The texture was sooooo soft on my lips..smell n taste like candy..Not too shiny & moisture.It contains sheer butter.Coz its not in matte category, so dont expect it to long last..anyway, I still love this lipstick!My rate is 4/5..Price RM 48.Mine is in Chili shade.

Me wearing Simplysity Perfect Lash & Line & Maxfactor Elixir Lipstick in Chili.

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Kniedaz said...

kalau tengok gambar sue tu memang xnampak mascaranya...tapi lipstick tu memang nampak smooth...tapi merahnya mak ngah..hehehe


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