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Monday, September 9, 2013


I'm on 8 months of pregnancy now!But help!Still can't decide which hopsital to pop the baby...*sigh*..why this time so hard la?
The previous two, were at Pusrawi KL.The hospital was ok.The service, hospitality and doctor, semuanya ok.The only part that is not ok ialah, the cost.If I have to undergo ceasarian, the cost might be more than 9k...phewwwwww*lap peluh*
Since this is the number third, and we think we need to be savvy a bit, we try to find a hospital yg agak2 sesuai ngan poket kami kali ni..

KPMC Puchong
I was so sure that I am going to deliver my baby kat sini.The cost is ok.Max for Ceasar is 7k.Survey punye survey, found out that there is only one female doctor je kat sini.Hospital a bit kecik la, but thats not a problem.Review on service on the net, 50-50.Some said ok, some said not ok.this hospital is under KIV..

FPP Putrajaya
This is the most one yg paling fit dengan our on the net was ok..but also only one female doctor je..before we start check up here, patient need to set appointment via telephone first..Tried many, many times to call the hospital, but kuciwa..semuanya tak berangkat..pfttttt..give up already!

HUKM Specialist centre
Again was so sure that I'm going to deliver here..Good reviews on the net, the only hospital that allows husband to be in OT while wifey undergo the, masa pegi open house kawan somi, bini dia keje kat sini, and she recommended the hospital..not to mention the cost fit our budget..cost lebih kurang FPP Putrajaya je.then again, kuciwa...called the hospital to set the appointment, katanya doctor tak terima dah patient..besides there's only one female doctor left...*sigh*

Columbia Asia Puchong
Love the hospital (sebab hospital dia baru), found good reviews on the net, both for doctor n female doctor and she is highly recommended, but the cost is....hmmmmm..not within our budget...*sobss*

KPMC Kajang
Cost is ok, within our budget, slightly far from our house..but my husband said ok dia agak besar compared to the one at Puchong..Reviews on the net 50-50.. Got two female doctors here,I already set the appointment with Doc Anita this Wednesday..hopefully the doctor is ok, lets pray that we stick to this one....

Kalau tak...pusrawi jugakla gamaknye....haishhhhhh

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