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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Working mom or stay at home mom?

Working mom.Used to be that, and I understand the dilemma, us, as a working mom.We want the best for our children at the same time have to work to earn the living.Theres always pro n contra, something we have to sacrifice whether we chose to be a working mom or stay at home mom.
For those who are a working mom, don't expect everything to be perfect.Dont be too fussy sampaikan org naik menyampah ngan kite. Sebab kita bergantung pada org lain. Ive been there and done that. Tapi tu lah, mana2 imperfection tu kena hadap n pejam mata saja.sebab apa?sebab kita bergantung pada org lain.kalau nak semuanya perfect, berhenti keje jaga sendiri baru puas ati, okay?oh, I've been there and done that too!now i'm at peace, at least...

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