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Monday, April 22, 2013

That's the reason why

*this entry is full off babbling dedicated to my husband

All this while, I've been voluntarily do stuffs which need me to fill up form with  particulars, e.g address, phone numbers etc,etc..This including car road tax & insurance renewal..I've managed to do it by myself for the past 6 years, of course my husband ada teman me, but the writing parts n filling up forms was all on me, he just sat in the corner and yawned while waiting for me...pffttt..
So, Its the time roadtax insurance renewal..just right on time..But this time, my husband insisted to do it by himself, I was like, seriously??Ok, lets give him chance eventhough I knew, the most annoying part will come..
tik..tok..tik..tok...I thought he can't make it today..but then around 4pm I received a call from him..
Here come the most annoying question!!!!
So now tell me, wasn't that annoying enough?
Dude, are you having a serious memory problem??We are riding on that car for past 6 years n we only own 1 car, you don't even remember the plate number.....pfffttttttt..
If only the car punye hati n perasaan, mesti dia sentap patpuloh hari patpuloh malam sebab tuan dia tak ingat pon nama dia after 6 years++ berkhidmat...

P/S:Dear husband, if you ever read this, so sorry coz i have to wrote it here, didn't know where else to express my annoyed feeling. I hope you do change in future(but i know i'm hopeless*sigh*)
P/S/S:By the way, that's the reason why I loved to do things by my self before..Just in case to avoid my self being annoyed by you..tssskkkk..

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