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Friday, December 31, 2010

Recap of 2010

The High & Low
The High
- We are going to expand our family member -yeay!my one & only bro got engaged this year
- Another new family member coming soon - I got pregnant again - yeay!
- Moved to our new home that we own - awesome!

The Low
- Been slandered by someone that I never knew in my life - wtf & what a bad start for a new year
- Got a fight wif my boss - performance issues, but it was past, I moved on..long story to tell, in fact it hurt me sooooo much..and yeah I still hate my boss!

2010 - not a great year for me, biasa2 aje..Hope this coming 2011 will bring more joy, happiness & rezeki Insyallah....great things are going to happen next year!Can't wait!!

P/S:Happy new year 2011 everyone!

1 comment:

Yan said...

Salam Sue,

INSYALLAH 2011 will bring u more happiness.

akak jarang ada special azam yg best2 cuma nak jenjalan je.. Kalau kat rumah je..Ini lah jadi nya..


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