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Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't be afraid of your own shadow

It's time of the year..Yeah...kini masanya telah tiba kembali.Evaluation time,cantas-mencantas time,k.i.p.a.s b.o.s.s time,stress time.Perfect combo.Its PMR (bukan Penilaian Menengah Rendah) but it's Year end (2011) evaluation time.Bezanya aku tahun ni dengan tahun lepas.Tahun lepas aku lone ranger, tahun ni I got 7 babies..huhuhu..
This time around, with a new implemented format.100% via system,no more conteng2 kat paper.And it's divided into two parts.Part Uno - based on your job scope.This is very straight forward, what u give u get back.nothing much to worry, if you really do your job.and its carry 80% of your total PMR.Part Dos - more to your work ethics.It's called 360 degree(hav to type the word degree, tak tau camne nak buat symbol..huhuh) & its carry 20% of your PMR.Why 360?Means people which work surrounding you will have chance to evaluate you.Sounds interesting rite?Kiri,kanan,depan,belakang.From non exec,exec,s.exec & up to manager.It suppose to be that way.But, we do have options.Option Uno - play safe.Just pick among ur friends(the good one to you).You evaluate them good, they will do so to you.Option Dos - Be lurus bendul.Pick 360.You will receive,God knows what the result is.Could be the unexpected.
My heart keep telling me to chose option Uno.But my Mind said you have to pick option Dos.Why are u afraid of ur own shadow?If you're really good, they will evaluate you as good.So I've decided, the 12 persons that I picked to be my evaluater(including my subordinate,people outside my department which I work with, colleague,colleague yg x sebulu & my boss is wajib).I'll take the risk.I need the honest result,hoping that I can improve for 2012 from there.Whatever the result is, whether it's turn out to be good or bad, I'll take it with open heart.I desperately need the honest result - don't know why ..I just think that is the right thing to do & yes I need to improve.And I see this is the way to memperbaiki diri-sendiri.Always have faith that,Rezeki itu di tangan Allah S.W.T.

******OK, Maybe I'm a bit over.Org lain ambik ringan je, siap..nah aku bg ID aku, ko buatla yg ko punye..some of the questions are not related & not relevant langsung...mak je yg hover lebih2..hik..hik..hik

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