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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shopping baby's stuff

Don't get me wrong,i'm not expecting another new baby hehehe..I did some baby's stuff shopping for my very first nephew/niece..Baby's stuff shopping sometimes could be much more exciting then shopping to I right mommies??

My SIL is currently 7 months of pregnancy.Another 2months++ to go.There's story behind this 7 months pregnancy thingy.When I asked them(the parent to be) how many month now, they were confidently told me 6 months.yup,confidently.Then I asked again so in what weeks are now?again,confidently they said 28 weeks?6 months=28 weeks?? your math now!
Another 2 months to go, but they haven't bought anything yet (ok maybe just a thing or two).I'm the one who panicked lebih-lebih!(I did preparation for my baby as early as 4 & half month of pregnancy.thehehe..overexcited!).
Tak boleh jadi ni, I had to do some shopping for them,c'mon..this is my very first nephew/niece..aunty is very or over excited.

P/S:This is just a beginning, lots more to come for you my dear niece/nephew.

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