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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I read what Daphne Iking post in her instagram yesterday.And I kind of agree with her on what she wrote on her last paragraph.

taken from daphne iking instagram
I just dont get it why some people tend to doll up their just look ridiculous..pelik2 pesen tudung sekarang...ada yg pesen tudung turban setinggi klcc lah, berenda bertingkat2 lah,yg tepek kerongsang beso lip-lap, tepek reben seketul, pesen tudung putar alam, tak kurang jugak pesen tudung yg terlalu melambai2 rimas pulak nak nengoknya.. ada setengah tu tudung pon nak di k-popnya..haihhh..pesen tudung urban lah katakan..and those kind of tudung fashion you can see on hijabista magz..pfffttt..what the purpose of the magazine anyway?To encourage people to doll up their tudung perhaps?
I think,Nur juma is the role model of modesty-hijabi..She's the one that still loyal to tudung bawal, she even own her tudung bawal collection..see, wearing tudung bawal pon can look simple and stunning at the same time,  just like her..

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