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Saturday, June 1, 2013

what a dream I had

I was dreaming last night, that I have delivered my baby.the baby was premature.i gave birth to my baby when I was 6 month plus pregnant.the weird thing  was the baby wasn't placed at hospital in incubator like supposedly.  The baby was at home with me.and the saddest part was when he refused to breastfeed and the doctor said because of that, the baby wouldn't make it.what I remember about the baby was the baby skin was so fair.putih sangat2 compared to my previous babies.and he keep on smiling to me like he was't sick at all. I didn't know what was the ending coz my dream was cut off by my son's voice.he was calling me to make him was 2 am and  he still wide awake watching tv with his dad.pffttttt..
#the dream scares a bit of me
#baby, I hope you're doing well in there
#praying hard

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