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Monday, December 17, 2012

Princess Barbie

I loveeeee Barbie..but who  doesn't rite?Eventhough I never own not even one Barbie doll, I love everything about Barbies and each of them....;)yeaaaa, I'm that kind of girly....too bad, my husband banned Barbie dolls for my daughter, kalau tak I'm pretty sure I will play them together with my daughter..hahaha, ni kes kecik2 dulu tak merasa main Barbieeee,I mean the doll, kalau yg Barbie versi kertas tu memang selalu main..
Last nite we went to The Mines, tgk ada satu stage besar decorated with Barbie characters..errr, not sure for what event but I think they organized something that looks like singing contest ala Barbie kot?
The stage..
 And they also display Princess Barbie dress/gown...I was soooo excited  ....Sorry,eventhough sudah kertu, can't help being excited when it comes to Barbie...there's always a little girl in me..;)

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s h a said...

Suke barbie jgk.Sebab pink n comel.Hehe.Sha pon nampak jgk kt mines.Selalu jgk ke sane. :)


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