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Monday, June 21, 2010

Geram betol la.....

Geram, sakit ati, marah, bengang betolllaaaa....why?why?why?
sebab..En KAKA dilayangkan kad marah..saya selaku penyokong kuat Brazil memang marah betolllaaa...saya nampak dgn mata kepala sendiri Ivory Coast player tu yg langgar En KAKA, then dia sendiri yg menjatuhkan badan dia...ish..ish..tak puas ati ni..alih2 En KAKA yg dapat kad merah ..tapi En KAKA tetap cool aje..harap2 dia di gantung satu game aje..

Baca komen drpd Brazil punye Coach ni:
(Di petik dari

Brazil coach Dunga was left fuming at referee Stephane Lannoy after he dismissed Kaka towards the end of their victory over Ivory Coast in Johannesburg on Sunday night.
The 88th-minute red card for the Real Madrid midfielder came after an off-the-ball incident with Kader Keita, who seemed to go down easily.
The result of the game already looked to be settled after Luis Fabiano's brace and an Elano strike had helped the South Americans take a 3-1 lead, with the reply coming from Didier Drogba.
"It was a totally unjustified sending-off of Kaka," Dunga said afterwards. "It was a very complicated game, a very physical game I might add.
"There were many fouls committed and all of us, who love football and desire beautiful football, always ask that the beautiful game is controlled.
"We have to know what is good football and what is not. So when the referee allows certain fouls or certain incidents to go unpunished that is not right, as happened today."
And he sarcastically added: "He (Kaka) was fouled and he was punished...he was given a yellow card.
"So it seems that the player that commits the foul is not the one given the yellow card, which means he can do it at will.
"I must actually congratulate that Ivory Coast player.
"We played much better than Ivory Coast and received more yellow cards than our opponents without really having committed any serious fouls.
"So we are left a little bit in doubt. What do we really have to do not to receive these yellow cards?"
However, Dunga was pleased with the final outcome and paid tribute to his players.
He added: "All my players played exceptionally well. Luis Fabiano had a great performance. Of course he hadn't scored in the last five matches, so we are really pleased for him."
His opposite number Sven-Goran Eriksson felt Brazil had little to complain about considering their second goal was allowed to stand by the French official.
Luis Fabiano looked to have used his arm to control the ball in the build-up and the Swede was upset that the goal was allowed.
He said: "I heard Brazil complain a lot (about the sending-off), but they shouldn't. I don't think they can complain. I think they should feel very lucky.
"It is very difficult to cope with Fabiano, it's even more difficult if he is allowed to use his hands. And it wasn't just once, but twice. So they shouldn't complain, they had a free goal."
But he felt too many mistakes had cost his side, adding: "If you make a mistake against Brazil, they are very good at punishing you.
"They are very good in small spaces and they showed that today."

P/S:Saya baru kenal En KAKA ni pagi tadi je, sbl ni tau sabut aje, tak kenalpon tuannye yg mane..ngehgehehh... :p


white rose said...

sy ingat ape laa yg dimarah sngt oleh akak...

rupe2nye pasal bola je...


MNT said...

Sy pun menonton match nih.. Bese la.. tiap2 world cup ade kontroversi. Player Ivory tu nak gak cipta nama cam 'hand of god' --> Maradona..=D

Mario said...

mmg tak patut arr...yg belakun tak dpt tula dia... said...

saya minat kaka juga. hehe..

Aril Lanang said...

kaka dah mula berkokok..sbb tu kena kad merah..haha


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