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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A journey to become a mum

**Dah lama buat jurnal ni tapi baru berkesempatan untuk publish dalam blog sebagai kenangan first time pregnancy**

This is something that I wanna share with all mommies & mommies to journey and experience to become a mum.

It's positive
I was confirmed pregnant on 13/9/2009 (one day before fasting month) I remembered the day, the mixture feeling I had, not sure what it was..was it happy…worried…depressed..and most of it because I felt I was not ready to have a baby and to start a family yet…We just got married for a month, then I was shocked with this little surprised…

2 months pregnant
· My first checkup was done at Klinik Nur Aina at Wangsa Keramat.My baby still a peanut size..
· I heard his heart beating for the first time
· Sorry baby, mama still don’t have any feeling for you at this stage
· My morning sickness wasn’t so bad, I only puked in the morning (actually when I want to brush my teeth, couldn’t stand the smell & taste of toothpaste, but then…takkan la tak nak gosok gigi pulak!)
· My husband bought Anmum milk for preggy woman(satu tin besar tu) sweet okeh..but I couldn’t manage to drink last, susu tu jadi keras and buang je..(my husband said, lepas ni jangan ngada2 nak susu lagi)

3 months pregnant
· 2nd check up still at Klinik Nur Aina, Wangsa Keramat. This was after Hari Raya
· The doc was shocked, so did I..I gained weight 6 kilos..Doc said that was excessive weight gain and I should watch my diet…normal weight gain during pregnancy is 2 kilos only..
· Not much of baby development, still so tiny but I could see his physical is formed
3 ½ months
· My right leg was swollen so bad (seriously, macam kaki gajah)
· Went to Klinik Nur Aina, the Doc was shocked too. That was rare case, usually pregnant woman got the swollen leg on at her third Trimester & she referred me to Hospital
· And yes, I gained another 2 kilos (OMG, within2 weeks?)
4 months pregnant
· Next checkup was done at Hospital Pantai Medical , Bangsar with Doc Idris.
· My baby physical is completely formed, so cute and he got me in tears..
· I started to love my baby..
· Got first pic of my baby in my womb
· I bought his first shirt (can’t wait coz baby’s stuffs are so damn cute, didn’t really care about all those pantang not to buy baby’s stuffs until you reach 7 months)
(Amirul Iddin in mama's womb:4 months)

5 months pregnant
· Another checkup with Doc Idris, he announced that it is a boy.(as my hubby wish)
· Felt my baby first kick
· Yes, of course another kilos of weight gained

6 months pregnant
· My baby was fine, Doc Idris said when we went for the monthly check up – “anak awak sangat kuat, jantung dia berdegup macam kuda” and my hubby remembered the line until now..
7 months pregnant
· Nothing much happened, the baby was fine
· I thought my baby was being lazy, he didn’t move so much..
8 months pregnant
· One day, my baby stop moving..I was so damn worried..went to Hosp Pantai Medical for CTG
· Once I laid my body on bed for CTG, there he baby started kicking around like mad
· Nurses there laughed at me, yelah..what should I do..I was so damn scared okeh, doesn’t matter my RM melayangpon, as long as my baby was ok..I couldn’t bear if anything happen to my baby
· Started to feel the fake contraction..sakit2 manja gitu..

9 months pregnant (36 weeks)
· Change Hospital to Hospital Pusrawi with Doc Habibah
· Started weekly check up, at this stage I really tak larat carrying my belly around..wish that he would pop out soon..

28th Apr 2008 @ 38 weeks
· Felt the contraction but not so heavy..went to see Doc Habibah for check up
· First time ‘kena jolok’(sorry, bad word ;))..sangat ngeri okeh..
· Doc said ‘jalan baru bukak ½ cm’,what????
· 29th -30th Apr@38 weeks
· Was given MC by doc, just stay at home
· Sempat lagi blender lada hitam, untuk bekalan dalam pantang
· I experienced small repetitive discharge, thought I was pee in pants..whoooppsss…

2nd May 2008@38 weeks
· It was Friday and I still went to work, I surprised my staff for being at office
· Told my friends at about my little experienced, they said it was my water leakage, oowwwh really ?and I should hurry to hospital…
· Went to see doc at office clinic, the doc advised me to go hospital, got MC and went straight to home, still hesitated
· 2pm after lunch, take a anap, woke up in the evening & still thinking
· Discussed with husband and we decided to go to hospital
· 6pm on the way to hospital, ehh wait, Friday got Pasar Malam at Sentul
· Dropped by at pasar malam bought Koew Tiaw and Tau Foo Fah
· Ate in car, sebab takut nurse tak kasi makan dalam ward..lagipon takut kempunan sebab lepas ni pantang 2 bulan
· @9pm – Dr Habibah did the check up on me, and confirmed that I had the water leakage
· Been induced (untuk cepat kan proses bersalin) and then started my long hours labour (almost 17hrs)

3rd May 2008
· @12 pm -The contraction began harder after Doc habibah broke my water and sakitnye……fuhhhh* to whom that ever experienced it saje yg tahu
· I couldn’t stand it any longer, in fact after my water broke, the path still open @4cm..but the labour pain was unbearable
· Yeahhh, epidural was my savior..everything ran smoothly after that
· And then sharp on 1457 hours my baby was safely delivered, welcome to the world my little hero!(when the nurse put my son on my chest, the first thing I did was counting his fingers…hehehe..nasib baik cukup 10!)
(Amirul Iddin after a few hours he was born)
What I loved during my pregnancy…
· Eat, eat, eat, eat
· Baca Majalah Pa&Ma and tengok gambar baby (maklumla excited!)
· Listen to Nicole Scherzinger song, whatever you like..hehehe
· Cooking

What I hated during my pregnancy
· Prawn, it used to be my favorite seafood before pregnant..but during my pregnancy..I hated this little creature so damn much..
· Couldn’t stand the smell of Davidoff cool water Perfume, uwekkksss..busuknya
· Make up…it was a BIG NO..
· Toothpaste, scary!!
· The smell of Flat Taman Desa Muhibah (huh, really couldn’t stand the smell, sapa yg tinggal or penah tinggal mesti tau, tak boleh mention secara jelas, isu sensitive, kang tak pasal2 aku kena saman)
· Shower at night (sebab my neighbor once told, kalau mandi malam nanti bersalin ketuban darah

Foods/Drink that I craved
· Bubur Campur Kg Baru
· Air Kelapa
· Ketupat Sotong
· Yong Tau Foo @ Damai
· Apam Balik yg staff aku penah beli dekat Kg Baru (tak dapat sampai hari ni)
· Durian
· Nasi minyak
· Makanan org lain (hehehe)
· Mango juice made by Husband
· Nasi Lemak RM1
· All Chicken dishes
· Seafood steamboat

P/S: Mommies yg lain jom share your experience pulak!


mummy_ayu said...

salam kenal....adventure kan nak dapat lain, dapat main buang buang je tepi jalan...sedih tul..

SaRaa said...

hi..bestnyer 1st experince kan..satu2nya yg xdpt lupa bile masa 2nd time check up n scan my baby pusing2 dalam perut..laju sgt..doc pn terkejut..aktif sgt..nk ukur panjang pun susah..hehe..

Anonymous said...

hahaha...lawak btul tang kira jari dulu-shimato-


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